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Now, the new effective foot cream Exodermin, approved by the European Union of Medical Professionals, is available in Hungary on the official website. Only today there is a 50% discount and the price of the drug is only {€45}.

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To place an order, you need to complete the application form on the website - enter your name and phone number in the designated fields and wait for the operator to call to clarify the details. The cost of delivery by courier to your address may be different from other cities. No prepayment, the order is paid only upon receipt by mail.

Foot fungus Exodermin

Most people, in one way or another, have encountered a phenomenon like ringworm - an infectious fungal disease. Some of them go unnoticed, but most of the time the fungus causes many problems and requires careful treatment, especially for ringworm of the feet (feet and nails). Modern medicine offers many tools, but their effectiveness is not as high as we would like, so they are used in an integrated way, which entails significant financial costs. But not so long ago, a unique herbal formula was developed that is several times the effectiveness of other similar drugs - the Exodermin cream. After a full year of testing, he finally showed up in Hungary.

Foot fungus cream Exodermin: about the product

A remedy for foot and toenail fungus was developed under the supervision of the European Association of Dermatologists in 2020 and Hungary joined the resolution. The medicine is produced in the form of a white cream with a dense consistency. The packaging is carried out in ecological plastic tubes with a volume of 30 ml with a screw cap. For added security, the tube is placed in a cardboard box. The composition of Exodermin gel includes natural ingredients that have a targeted effect on the affected areas of the legs, preventing damage to other tissues and organs.

The action of the cream against ringworm of the feet Exodermin

The herbal and mineral components that make up Exodermin cream have been used since ancient times to treat fungal infections. The active substances have a complex effect - they isolate the fungus cells, destroy the nutrient medium for their subsequent reproduction, restore the affected tissues and prevent the spread of ringworm. Conventionally, two types of foot fungus can be distinguished:

Disease Causer agent the affected area Manifestations
Dermatomycosis Trichophyton, Microsporum skin integument Redness, itching, burning, cracking, erosion, unpleasant odor
onychomycosis Trichophyton rubrum, Epidermophyton floccosum, etc. Nail roller and plate, subungual epidermis Yellowing, thickening, peeling, peeling of surrounding skin

Tests have shown that Exodermin cream works with equal effectiveness on all types of leg ringworm pathogens, destroying them completely. For prevention and in milder forms of the disease, it is possible to use the drug for 2 to 4 weeks. Treatment of advanced cases will take longer - up to 4 months.

Benefits of Exodermin cream:

Exodermin - the guarantee of the health of your feetThe cream's advantages are mainly related to its ingredients. The unique formula allows you to preserve all the beneficial qualities and enhance the healing effect. The absence of synthetic toxins makes the drug hypoallergenic. There are other benefits too:

Clinical Trials Exodermin

In 2020, Exodermin cream has gone through more than 300 clinical trials at various European institutes. The tests involved people with different stages of foot mycoses, which were caused by different pathogens. As a result, 100% recovery of fungal infections was recorded. The drug has been approved by the European Union of Medical Professionals. As a result of the research, two dissertations and a study guide were produced on the use of Exodermin in the complex rehabilitation of patients with onychomycosis for dermatologists and specialized specialists of health institutions.

The composition of the Exodermin fungus cream

The high efficiency of Exodermin cream is explained by the unique composition, which contains all popular remedies tested for centuries.

in Hungary, you can buy Exodermin foot cream on the official website. Only now there is a 50% discount and the price of funds is {€45}. To place the order, you need to fill out the form on the website - indicate the name and telephone number, and wait for the manager to call, who will clarify the purchase details. Heads up! no prepayment is required, payment is made only upon receipt of the product by mail.

Doctor's review

Doctor Dermatologist Nóra Nóra
17 years
The danger of fungal diseases - mycoses, lies in their infectivity and difficulty in excretion. Exodermin cream was developed very recently, but it has already proven its effectiveness. The components it contains provide comprehensive care, destroying the problem at its root. Don't expect the fungus to affect all of your nails or feet; at the first symptoms, start using Exodermin to protect yourself and your loved ones. Also, now there is the opportunity to buy it directly in Hungary.